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Bingiriya Tampita Viahara

  1. Bingiriya Tampita Vihara was built during the era of Keerthi Sri Rajasinghe who came to the throne of the Senkadagala Kindom in the 18th century. This Tampita Vihara is one of the largest shrine in Sri Lanka.
  2. The Bingiriya Raja Maha Viharaya is a preserved monastery recognized by the Department of Archeology of Sri Lanka under the Direction of the present venerable Malagane Attadassi Thero.
  3. This temple is considered as the least damaged of the frescoes carvings and historically intended uses.
  4. In the era of the former chief incumbent of Malagane Attadassi Bingiriya Temple, the wooden pillars of the basement of the temple had been destroyed due to the brick pillars and walls it was preserved.