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Bingiriya Dhamma School

Bingiriya Dhamma school was named after its founder Sarananakara Thero and also in addition a Dhamma school is conducted in the name of saranankara Thero.

Dhamma school has been continuously conducting since ancient times with the objective of ensuring a disciplined, virtuous and wise citizens who are patriotic to their country as a whole.

Bingiriya Pre School

Settlement of disputed property in the temple land in front of the Government Hospital in Bingiriya and a preschool was started and maintained in that land.

At the beginning of the kindergarten the public hall was built with the involvement of the united funeral society.

R.M Raveendra Rathnayaka in Vialattawa has donated eighty thousand rupees for this purpose on behalf of his late son Kavindu Subashitha Rathnayake. With the help of many Organizations and philanthropists a new building was erected and the fence was secured.

The land had been donated to the Viharaya long ago by S.B.A.M.Kiribanda upasaka and Meenuhami upasika.